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Artist’s and Author’s Journey™

Artist’s and Author’s Journey™ is a creative artistic and literary exhibition featuring the writings, artworks, and journey of artists and authors from various cultures and backgrounds. Meet business professional artists and authors, be inspired, and purchase original works (literary arts, visual arts, fashions, and more) made by the creators. 


Artist’s & Author’s Journey™ is a unique opportunity for the attendee to network with independent creatives, art collectors, fashion designers, book writers, filmmakers, and professionals with diverse backgrounds.

Exhibition location: Marjorie & William McDonald Center 17051 NE 19 Avenue, North Miami Beach, Florida 33162.

$10 Admission. Parking is Free.

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Below are the Artists & Authors from last year.

Ralph Hogges is a retired professor and administrator of Nova Southeastern University, co-founder, President and CEO of the Hogges, Cowins, and Smiley Book Festival and Writers Conference, an annual event hosted and presented in Miami, Florida’s Historic Overtown or virtually on ZOOM. As an academic scholar, writer, poet and playwright, he is the author of 16 books and 2 plays. 

As an Abstract & African Diaspora Artist, Hogges has created more than 60 artworks. His artworks are paintings with oil on canvas, drawings with charcoal on paper, and homemade quilts on plywood. You may contact him via email at and Cell: (305) 898-4261.




Glenda Finkelstein is a prolific writer of literature, screen, radio, and TV. Her passions are evident in all her works from poetry, historical, and Sci-Fi/Fantasy. She also has screen credits as a writer and actress. She is a woman of faith who looks to encourage others to pursue and realize their dreams. When she began writing she never dreamed that she would win awards, and take advantage of so many opportunities to grow and aspire. She tries to convey this sense of wonder, through stories, relatable characters, and always invites the reader into the adventure. You can contact her via email at

Purchase Ms. Glenda’s Books at this link on Amazon




Sara Schesser Bartra PhD


Title: Magical Nature: Exploring the Enchantment of Microscopic Life

Artist Statement: 

In “Magical Nature,” I delve into the realm of microscopic organisms, unearthing the hidden wonders that flourish within the fabric of our natural world. By unveiling the captivating beauty of these minuscule beings, I aim to ignite a sense of awe and reverence for the intricate and often overlooked aspects of nature.

Through my artistic exploration, I invite viewers to embark on a journey of discovery, where the ordinary transforms into the extraordinary. With each brushstroke, I seek to capture the delicate dance of microbial life, harmonizing with the grandeur of the natural environment.

Within the invisible tapestry of the natural world, microscopic organisms weave their ethereal magic, serving as the architects of life itself. These humble yet powerful entities shape ecosystems, foster symbiotic relationships, and contribute to the very fabric of our existence.

By magnifying their presence on the canvas, I hope to illuminate their significance and awaken a renewed appreciation for the interconnectedness of all living things. As viewers immerse themselves in the enchanted landscapes I create, they are encouraged to contemplate the profound unity that binds us to every corner of the Earth.

Through my artistic lens, I blend scientific observation with artistic interpretation, seeking to capture the essence of these microcosmic marvels. Drawing inspiration from their vibrant colors, intricate patterns, and mesmerizing forms, I aim to bring their ethereal qualities to life, bridging the gap between the seen and the unseen.

“Magical Nature” invites viewers to embrace the wonder and mystery that lies within the smallest corners of our natural world. It is my hope that this exploration of microscopic life will inspire a deeper connection with nature, fostering a sense of responsibility and stewardship for the fragile ecosystems that sustain us all. Contact her on social media @schesserbartrasara or via website



Ellie Crowder Designer


Ellie has always sewn since the age of seven.  She has managed her custom sewing business and teaches her skills to the next generation.  She specializes in Alterations from basic to remakes.  She attended FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology) in New York City and has freelanced for a menswear designer, Andrew Fezza, of New York City and provided samples of designs ready for production.  She was President of the American Sewing Guild’s Ft. Lauderdale Chapter from 2006 – 2008 and was the Sewing Group Leader for Keiser University’s Fashion Design & Merchandising Department.  She appeared in Threads Magazine Dec. 2007/Jan. 2008 issue for quality of craftsmanship and handiwork.  She is certified as a Fitting Specialist under Connie Amaden-Crawford of Fashion Patterns by Coni, a licensed designer for The McCall Pattern Company under the Butterick label.   Her artistic talents flourished when the Pandemic hit in 2020.  She found new excitement with drawing and painting techniques.  While loving realistic renderings she isn’t fond of landscapes.  Her artistic talents will continue to grow into painting family portraits. She can be reached at: Email: and Office: (954) 424-3239




Jan L. Roppo, Artist, majored in Fine Art at Ohio State University. She was a resident artist at the Gallery of the Unknown Artist in Hollywood, Florida, and at Studio 18 in Pembroke Pines. She enjoys creating non-representational art because it can be an effective way to communicate thoughts and feelings non-verbally, and also because it allows the viewer the opportunity to interpret each piece in their own individual way. Contact her via email at



Janelle Wisdom, Author, is passionately committed to reviving her generation and propelling them toward their divine purpose, wholeness, and holistic well-being. Her influence spans from her thought-provoking books to immersive workshops, seminars, and even intimate one-on-one conversations, radiating hope and authenticity to all committed to their growth. With a Bachelor’s in Interdisciplinary Social Science from Florida State University, she’s poised to embark on a journey toward a Master’s in Public Administration, nurturing both personal and professional growth. With a vision to integrate her transformative teachings into education, she aspires to enlighten students through innovative workshops and programs, while also remaining intentional to offer scholarships to the underprivileged and expand her reach globally to share her work. She can be reached on instagram at @msjanellewisdom & @evolvingbeyondco




Christophe Anthony Benjamin, Artist and Painter, was born in Haiti in 1983 and came in the states in 1983. His first and predominant inspiration were Commercial Art, Renaissance Artist, Salvador Dali and Disney to name a few. He went to New World School of the Arts. Later he went on to Creatively Direct and Produce a spiritual work on YouTube called Allegro Christophe Benjamin performance art. He can be reached via email at




Elena Marulanda, Professional Artist, was born in Colombia, where she received her academic training and her degree of Bachelor in Fine Arts and some special studies about design, color and tri-dimensional structures. Elena worked as an art teacher in High schools and college for about 12 years. She travel to United States in 2010, and since that time Elena has been living close to the beach and this beautiful environment has motivated her latest creation, and she has discovered a great pleasure in the wonderful colors of the ocean and it’s creatures. Currently, Elena provides private art classes, participates in art exhibitions at galleries and shows, and creates customized art pieces and murals. She can be reached via email at and on instagram at artizt_elena




Luis Lache, Professional Artist – In Cuba, in the early 80’s, after creating many drawings and acrylic paintings, Luis used a surgical knife, sterilized it, and made his first customized three dimentional art work. He later took a course that gave him the light to follow his Bachelor degree in Fine Arts in the Instituto Pedagógico Varona. From there, he created art work with realistic and surreal themes, highlighting nature in its wide spectrum. He also created utilitarian and decorative pieces. Since 2007, Luis has lived in United States and his work currently stands out in wood scuplture, metal, and mixed media. He can be reached on instagram at luisorlandolache



Amzane now known as Nyarko is a South Florida native. She is an author, poet, and chemist. Her first published book ‘Soul Thoughts’ was released in 2020, and since then she has been performing her poetry throughout stages in Florida. Her goal is to promote healing and self awareness through her work. She is currently working on her next poetry book set to be released Fall 2023. She can be reached via email at and on instagram at nyarkothepoet




Philip Alleman Abstract & Pop Artist – The son of immigrants from the Netherlands who came to the United States to live the American dream, PHILIP ALLEMAN had dreams of his own while growing up in New Jersey. His youthful artistic abilities fueled his desire to express himself personally in a variety of ways and he did so by drawing cartoons and creating elaborate freehand sketches. As he matured and wanting to share his talent with a larger audience, he branched out by designing logos, painting storefront windows, and large and small wall murals, which ultimately led him to his greatest pleasure, painting with acrylics and mixed media.

PHILIP ALLEMAN, Abstract and Pop Artist, currently creates original acrylic paintings on canvas in his Artist Studio in Pembroke Pines, Florida. PHILIP embraces his powerful spiritual and emotional connection with the natural beauty that exists in everyday
life. Whether abstract, pop, or realistic, his use of vivid colors and numerous painting techniques draws the observer into his paintings, evoking a sense of excitement, joy, calm, and peace. His diverse unique works of art are both intricate and simple, with colors perfectly woven to create the sense of a powerful journey. Since 1989, PHILIP has been expressing himself through various artistic media, and is grateful to be able to inspire Art Collectors worldwide with his original hand-painted artwork.

PHILIP ALLEMAN, Abstract & Pop Artist, is the proud recipient of the 2023 BEST OF PEMBROKE PINES ARTIST AWARD. Philip is thankful to the Pembroke Pines Award Program for recognizing and honoring him with this achievement two consecutive years in a row and welcoming him into the Business Hall of Fame. He can be reached on social media at philipallenman or via website




JA Creations, Artist, Joshua Alleman is a 27 year old, self-taught artist who lives in Davie, FL. He works in marketing, and he is trying to make it in the art world. He creates abstract, mathematical pieces through a digital medium and he creates art for the sake of creating.

He loves coming home from work each day and making something new out of thin air. The way he makes his images isn’t like a traditional digital artist with Photoshop and layers. Joshua’s graphics are created out of math – algorithms and parameters – mixed and matched together, tweaked and mutated until they are just right. Math can be truly beautiful and Josh loves seeing all the ways that it can surprise him with amazing new shapes that let his imagination run wild.

His great grandmother knitted beautiful pictures, his grandfather was a painter and a master craftsman jeweler, his father is currently a painter, and Josh is keepingtheir art legacy going with his digital designs. Joshua has been interested in and surrounded by artwork his entire life.

Some people don’t take digital art seriously, and Josh is not asking that of you. All he wants is for you to glance at one of his pieces, and think to yourself “oh, that’s cool.”

He is completely self-taught and always trying to learn new things and new programs that he can work with to bring his art to the next level. He can be reached on social media at joshua.alleman22 and via website at




Hero Crown By Moz: Artist, Producer, Creator & Designer

Kevin Mozel Daniels is an extraordinarily talented Singer/Songwriter/Producer brought to us from his native hometown of St. Petersburg, Florida.

Mozel’s gift of music was delivered straight from heaven at an early age when he bellowed out his first heartfelt tunes in church and other various community choirs. He was a performer, and it was clear he was something very special. A rising talent, who already possessed a unique vocal range far beyond his tender years.

Growing up, Mozel followed his calling and quickly began his singing career. He understood the dynamics of his taste in music, and in order to bring all of that creativity to the surface, he spent time familiarizing himself with artists, who in many ways, brought a distinctive sound to their own decade. It was those sounds that laid the groundwork for Mozel, giving him the desire to create his very own music.

Mozel continued to not only experiment with his style, but he quickly learned to master it. He broadened his flavor to include both Hip Hop and R&B, yet still keeping a wonderful balance of sweet, gospel retro. And the results were undeniably beautiful.

Now matured in his musical ablities, Mozel is a powerful performer who is clearly moving in the right direction. He has now tapped into the other creative side of himself with a Custom Fedora hat design business called Hero Crowns by Moz. Hat designs for the everyday hero and those that love them.

He can be reached on social media at herocrownbymoz



Gmoss Designs

George Moss (Aka Gmoss) is an entrepreneur, illustrator, fashion technical designer, and author. He and his family host creative events through their company Gmoss Designs, LLC. Gmoss graduated with Honors and a Commercial Art Degree from Miami International University of Art & Design, formally known as International Fine Arts College. His first full-time corporate job was working in the fashion industry at Perry Ellis International as a technical Illustrator. As he grew in the fashion industry, he held other positions namely – a product developer, an assistant technical designer, and lastly a Senior creative apparel/technical designer. His family company, Gmoss Designs, Llc, which was established in 2005, is where he serves clients creating original 2d and realistic art for music albums, book covers, fashion technical packages for clothing companies and various designs upon request. He and his family sell his original Gmoss artwork which includes jazz history illustrations, anime influenced character art, cut and sewn apparel, accessories, and Sci-Fi novels. Gmoss is also the Associate Vice President for Media and Publicity for the The Ralph Hogges, Benjamin Cowins & Delores Smiley Writers Group of South Florida. On February 19, 2022, Gmoss Designs, Llc founded and launched BEYOND COMICON™, an event in North Miami Beach, Florida which is a movement to inspire individuals to become future creators. He and his family believe Artist’s and Author’s Journey™ is a continuation of their mission to encourage others to use their abilities to help their community. He can be reached via website  or via phone at 305-651-6890.


Terms & Agreement TO ATTEND Artist’s & Author’s Journey™

a. Upon entering the Event, the attendees give their permission and consent to have their image and/or likeness taken via photograph, videotape, audiotape or film of themselves and children. These photograph or videotape can be used in publications, television, over the internet and newspapers. I release all claims against Gmoss Designs, LLC and their affiliates. This includes any claim to be compensated for the use of photograph, videos and other related materials.

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In consideration for Participating in the Event, Participant hereby releases and forever discharges Gmoss Designs, LLC and their affiliates, the management, the Venue, the city, North Miami Beach in which the Venue is located, the Platform, each of their parent, affiliated, and subsidiary companies, and each of their respective agents, employees, officers, directors, trustees, shareholders, contractors, sponsors, and any third parties acting on their behalf (collectively, the “Released Parties”) from any and all claims, actions, damages, liabilities, costs or expenses (including attorney fees) which are related to, arise from or out of, or are in any way connected to Participant’s Participation in the Event, whether or not such claims, actions, damages, liabilities, costs or expenses are caused by the negligence of the Released Parties or by the infringement or violation of any right. This release shall be effective and binding upon any heirs, agents, personal representatives or assigns of Participant (and of the Guardian if Participant is a Minor).

c. Release of Likeness: In exchange for the opportunity to Participate in the Event, Participant hereby authorizes, permits, and grants to Management, its parents, affiliates, sublicensees, designees, agents and assignees (including, without limitation, any sponsors, exhibitors or contractors to the Event), and each of their respective assignees, sublicensees and successors (collectively, the “Management Parties”), the royalty-free, absolute and irrevocable right and license to (i) record, photograph, and/or film the likeness, voice, appearance and/or image of such Participant while Participating in the Event (collectively, the “Likeness”); and (ii) publish, reproduce, portray, distribute and/or otherwise use the Likeness in all media formats (whether now known or hereafter existing), worldwide, solely in connection with the distribution, promotion and publicity of both the Event (including future editions thereof) and Management’s general business, services or products.


1. NO Smoking of any kind In The Facilities. This a NON-Smoking Facility




Please do not enter the Event or the Venue if you cannot confirm all of the above criteria. If at any point during your time at the Event you do not meet all of the above criteria, you and those in your group (which may include your exhibiting company) may be relocated or asked to leave the Venue at Management’s sole discretion.

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