Product Designs by Gmoss Designs - Original Art, Apparel, Novels...
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Product Designs By Gmoss Designs

Gmoss-Specs-Flash-Drive Gmoss Technical Illustration Gmoss Illustrated Exhibit Gmoss-Red-Hoodie Gmoss-Accessories Gmoss_Illustration Gmoss Tee Gmoss-Ann-Lo-Polo-Shirt Gmoss-Ladies-Tee-and-Grey-Character Beanie Gmoss-Character-Grey-Beanie-Hat Gmoss Mandarian Collar Vest Gmoss-Flashdrive-Comic-Novel

Art, Product Development
Accessories, Apparel, Art, Book Cover Illustration, Clothing Design, flashdrive, Flat Sketches, Illustration, novels, product design, Product Development, Tech pack
About This Project

Product Designs By Gmoss

Professional Product Designs and technical fashion illustrations created by Gmoss. Gmoss Designs can create ideas from concept to sketch to actual products. Gmoss has a strong technical background and keeps close attention to details while working on projects. This portfolio shows his original art, cartoon character designs, accessories, cut-n-sewn clothing designs he has created from his technical packages, characters, comic books, and novel that he has published.

Also, the story behind his product designs – The Chronicles of Ann & Lo™