The Chronicles of Ann & Lo™ - Story and Artwork By Gmoss
The Chronicles of Ann & Lo - Ann and her younger brother Lo fight to rescue their big sister and save the Magic City from an immortal army.
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The Chronicles Of Ann & Lo™

Written and Illustrated By Gmoss

About This Project

The Chronicles Of Ann & Lo™

Story and Art created by Gmoss

Logline: After witnessing the abduction of their older sister and city attacked, two teens from Downtown Miami must find a way to fight through the Shadow Regimen to rescue their big sister and to save their city.

Gmoss Characters Ann And Lo

The Chronicles of Ann & Lo, a Sci-Fi Story

Synopsis: In the summer of the year 2099, a once utopia, the Magic city, cringes at sunset. People are now afraid to walk the streets at night. Hence, the rumors of strange looking creatures roaming the streets and the disappearance of young men, woman, and children. During their annual community event, the Magic City was violently ambushed by an airborne gas released into the crowd by the Shadow Regimen. In ancient times the Regimen used this to control minds, create fear, and extreme violence to conquer empires. A few blocks away, two teens, Ann and her younger brother Lo, witness the incident. They saw their best friend, their sister abducted. The siblings are defenseless until a divine intervention brings two mysterious warriors to help them. Can they save the city and rescue their sister, or will they become mind-controlled slaves themselves?

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One of my goals for this story is to introduce the culture of Miami from my point of view. It’s important to me to encourage uniting all cultures. All of us are different, but we can live together and learn about each other. The Magic City is a place where so many different people from all over the world lived together in harmony until The Shadow Regime came back.

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